Expo Sponsors Registration

The African Birding Expo has numerous sponsorship levels with wonderful benefits in exposure and promotion. The levels are listed below.Grey Crowned Crane. $3000
Shoebilll  $ 1000
African Green Broadbill $500
Papyrus Gonolek   $ 300

Sponsors  benefits. Crane Sponsor.
* Crane Sponsor Appears on the Front page of all the publications.
*  Crane Sponsor will give a speech of 20 Minutes on the Launch.
* Crane Sponsor will have double tent space with electricity, 2 tables, 2 chairs.
* Crane sponsor can only be one.
*Mentions through out the exhibition
*appear on all publications
* Mention on all adverts.
+ Shoebill Sponsors special Benefits.
– Appears on the second page of all the publications
 – Get a single tent.
– Will exhibit at the Launch
– Gets 4 mentions at the launch.
African Green Broad Bill . 
Appears in the Expo Magazine in the middle
Gets a half page of advert in the expo magazine.
Gets one Mention at the Launch of the Expo.
Gets only a tent.
Papyrus Gonolek. 
Listed among the exhibitors.
Gets an 1/8th page advert.
Gets space for the banner and tear drops.
Gets a table.

Over 30 International birders to attend the expo

The African Birding Expo Management together with Uganda Tourism Board, have expressed commitment to ensuring that the African Birding Expo will be attended by over 30 International birders from different but carefully chosen countries and these will include.

1) WRITERS and MEDIA CREATORS, including writers, video, photography, podcasts, artists, etc. who will tell the story via media.

2) Conservationists,
3) Tour guides
4) Sponsors
5) Travel writers
6) Bloggers
7) Tour operators
8)Travel Agents
10) Popular Travel TVs

Volunteers Needed!

The African Birding Expo cannot happen without the support of a great team of volunteers. Expo volunteers will be involved in every aspect of the event. If you are interested in joining the African Birding Expo volunteer team, please fill out our short volunteer form. African Birding Expo volunteers will receive a piece of official Expo gear, recognition during the event.