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Expo Sponsors Registration

The African Birding Expo has numerous sponsorship levels with wonderful benefits in exposure and promotion. The levels are listed below.Grey Crowned Crane. $3000
Shoebilll  $ 1000
African Green Broadbill $500
Papyrus Gonolek   $ 300

Sponsors  benefits. Crane Sponsor.
* Crane Sponsor Appears on the Front page of all the publications.
*  Crane Sponsor will give a speech of 20 Minutes on the Launch.
* Crane Sponsor will have double tent space with electricity, 2 tables, 2 chairs.
* Crane sponsor can only be one.
*Mentions through out the exhibition
*appear on all publications
* Mention on all adverts.
+ Shoebill Sponsors special Benefits.
– Appears on the second page of all the publications
 – Get a single tent.
– Will exhibit at the Launch
– Gets 4 mentions at the launch.
African Green Broad Bill . 
Appears in the Expo Magazine in the middle
Gets a half page of advert in the expo magazine.
Gets one Mention at the Launch of the Expo.
Gets only a tent.
Papyrus Gonolek. 
Listed among the exhibitors.
Gets an 1/8th page advert.
Gets space for the banner and tear drops.
Gets a table.

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